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To protect and promote the best interests of the property owners and residents of the City of Ocean City New Jersey.  To encourage civic interest by all its citizens.  To support the improvement of the general welfare, health, comfort, safety and environment of the whole island.


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with our sympathy . . .

Teresa Coggshall

Teresa Coggshall passed away Tuesday, August 30th.
She had been an active OCCA member, serving as Recording Secretary and Chairperson of the Environmental & Beautification Committee for several years.
Due to failing health she had become inactive during the past few years.


Teresa was one of that generation of OCCA volunteers who stepped up about ten years ago when we were known as the “Ocean City 16-34 Community Association.”
She applied her passion for caring about Ocean City’s environment to initiate, organize and lead us to clean up various areas that had been neglected: Corson’s Inlet, 52nd St. Causeway, Crook Horn Creek wetlands trail, 14th – 23rd St. “dunes’ trash sweep,” in addition to revitalizing the City’s “Adopt-a-Beach” program.
She was the one who made the calls which resulted in the support and cooperation of our Public Works and Police Depts.
She was part of a team that ignored the reasons why something could not be done and figured out a way to get it done.
Those who knew her will miss her.


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