Bicycle Advocacy Committee


The goal of the Community Association's Bicycle Advocacy Committee is to promote biking as an environmentally responsible and healthy means of transportation. We believe advocating bike infrastructure and safety will improve the general welfare, health, and environment of the community.Click to view Biking Brochure for OC NJ


We advocate biking as a solution to growing health concerns, environmental concerns, and local traffic congestion and parking problems. By increasing the number of bikes on our streets, and thereby decreasing the number of automobiles, we will live in a healthier place; breathing less carbon emissions and consuming less fossil fuels, able to more fully enjoy the Shore lifestyle.


The Ocean City Bike/Eco Tourism Brochure is linked below on this page. Get the most out of your OC biking experience!

Ocean City NJ Recreation Brochure
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The Sharrow is a "Share The Road" symbol popular across the country to designate roadways as multi-use. These lane markings, in the absence of designated bike lanes, communicate to cars that bikes share the roadway and designate a "lane" within the roadway for bikes to travel to keep them away from opening car doors. Ocean City is the first municipality in the state to use the Sharrow!

Learn more: Bike TV - Painting Sharrows     



Riding School Bus: 

A Riding or Walking School Bus is a program developed through the National Safe Routes to School Foundation. It is designed to encourage kids to walk or ride their bikes to school for physical activity, while teaching them traffic safety principles.


The Bicycle Advocacy Committee strives to promote bicycle use and safety island-wide. Where there is consensus, we seek action from the City. Where there is controversy, our goal is to consider all the facts and elevate the debate above suspicion and fear.


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