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Business Signs: Elevating Your Storefront to Increase Sales

Signage remains an effective marketing tool even in the digital age. But, unlike some forms of advertising—think on-air commercials that interrupt your favorite TV show—business signs help you turn customers into clients by imparting information efficiently and clearly. To achieve this goal, your business must create an attractive, legible sign that uses the right colors, fonts and sizes. Fortunately, you can get inspired by the creative business sign ideas below to make your own custom signage that captures attention and turns customers into clients.

Whether you’re running a restaurant, salon or shop, your storefront needs a professional business sign that conveys the right message to attract new visitors and convert shoppers into buyers. Here are some of the most eye-catching, budget-friendly sign options that will make your storefront stand out.

The Type of Information You Need to Communicate

Every business has different sign needs, depending on the industry, location and number of employees. For example, a small, local restaurant would need a simple A-frame sign to display its name and hours of operation. A large company with multiple locations and departments could use monument signs or pylon signs to promote its brand name.

A full-service sign company will guide you through your choices, but you can help by providing some of the following basic information:

Your Location

Identifying your location is an important step for a business to take. Aside from giving people the name of your company, business signs can also tell them what to expect from your services and products. For instance, a restaurant sign can include a logo, food options and menus, while a salon or spa may feature images of the services they offer.

Your Business’s Budget

The cost of your sign will depend on its size, type and how it will be used. A-frame signs, for instance, are inexpensive and can be purchased from company like the Fresno business sing company  starting at around $50. Monument and pylon signs are more costly, but will elevate your brand above the competition.

Your Local Laws

The laws regarding what you can and cannot hang on your business sign will vary by municipality. You should consult with a full-service sign company to see what your legal requirements are. They can often help you complete the permit process by submitting any necessary fees, plans and applications.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

It’s important for a business sign to be legible, so you should avoid making any mistakes that could detract from its effectiveness. These mistakes could include putting up code signage in the wrong location or using low-contrast or clashing colors. You should also ensure that your sign is the correct size. A storefront sign should be big enough to be read at a distance, while directory and pylon signs should be tall enough to be seen from the street.

If you are looking for a company to help you with your branding and marketing needs, be sure to contact us at Fresno signs. We can help you to create the perfect business signage that will promote your brand and attract more consumers.

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