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Our first SUNDAY is FUNDAY event will be February 26th 11am-1pm at the Ocean City library. Sue Sheppard (surrogate) will cover wills and advanced directives in a fun an informative way. This will be followed by an Ocean City facts contests with some fun prizes for winners!! $1.00 snacks/water bottles will be there for purchase!!



2016 Letter from the President

Welcome from your 2016-2017 President!


            In August, the Ocean City Community Association elected a new board. Board members are: Brenda Braun, President, Leigh Batastini, First Vice President, Kelly Scarborough, 2nd Vice President, Tami Kitchen, Membership Secretary, Barbara Zarella, Recording Secretary, Jim Root, Past President, and Annette Lopresti, Treasurer. In alignment with the mission of the organization, the vision was reviewed to meet the definitions of community association. We are looking for those who would love to actively participate in community.


The goals for 2017 were to create and hold some community events and raise funds for scholarship. The events the organization would like to have are:


·       OCCA flag designing contest for schools.


·       OCCA t-shirts for LOCCALs, 2nd Home (My Heart is in OC), Visitors (My heart is on vacation in OC).


·       Founders Day- We would like to hold an event on the tabernacle grounds (or somewhere else public on island) celebrating our rich island history. We would like all facets of island to represent, tables set up, perhaps they could wear costumes representing Lake brothers, old (historical) bathing suits or lifeguard uniforms, historical vehicles, food from our local restaurants, charging a nominal entrance fee ($5). Target is the fall!!


We will continue to share concerns from the community with our council and government and will publish (on website) responses and updates as we get them.


Thank You for joining, if you cannot make a meeting and would like to volunteer, We would LOVE to have you!!


Brenda Braun


Prominently located at the north entrance to the Ocean City Public Library, this bike rack was donated by the Ocean City Community Association, and is a small part of what makes Ocean City a nationally recognized bike friendly community.

Following a presentation on the HERO Campaign, promoting designated drivers, by Muriel and Bill Elliott, the Ocean City Community Association presented a donation to their cause. The HERO Walk is Saturday, Oct 4, 2015 on the boardwalk (



Photo L to R: Fred Marcel, Frank McCall, Marty Mozzo, Bill and Muriel Elliott, Jim Root, Dale Nicholas, & Bob Dubil




2014 Letter from the President  (March 21st, 2014)


              This past July I was honored to be asked to serve as the leader of this historic
organization. I have lived in Ocean City nearly my entire life, I have seen our community face and overcome many challenges to become what I believe is the greatest place to live on planet earth. We our blessed with many things including our beautiful beach board walk, our schools are among the greatest in the nation, and Ocean City remains one of the greatest places to raise a family.


Over the last year our organization has tried to become technology friendly by continuing to enhance use of our Facebook page and implementing a redesign of our website;, where can get the latest information on all our meetings, and you can also make donations to our organization as well as pay your membership dues online.


Our board has made it our mission to make our monthly membership meetings more topical by featuring speakers in which our members can learn new things about our great community. We have challenged ourselves to be more relative and innovative. We have many exciting events this year, including on Wednesday, April 23. 2014 we will hold a candidates forum with the candidates running in the city council and mayoral elections. In June we will have our annual meeting where a new slate of officers will be sworn in for the coming year. I am excited for what the future holds for our organization.


I would like to thank our officers and board of directors for all their help in making this organization what it is. Without so many great volunteers our organization would not be what it is. We are always looking for new leadership or people that want to be involved in our organization if you would like to become involved or have ideas as to how to make Ocean City Community Association better, please reach out and let us know! I wish you all a great summer season and rest of 2014! 


Bob Barr President


2013 Letter from the President  (March 27th, 2013)


              Thanks to the energy of our officers and board members, Ocean City Community Association continues its mission to promote the interests of the property owners and residents of Ocean City.  We have done this through our active participation on boards and commissions such as the Planning Board, the Environmental Commission, the Aviation Advisory Board and initiatives taken by our own committees to promote improvements in our community.  These include advocating for more complete and safer bicycle routes, initiating and supporting environmental clean-ups on our beaches, Corson’s Inlet, Stainton Wildlife Refuge and Crook Horn Creek.  We continue to bird-dog our City Government in their efforts to improve our roads and drainage and enforce our codes to keep our communities safe, clean and appealing. 


The above goes hand-in-hand with our public education mission.  In addition to promoting civic interest and responsibility to our young residents through our scholarship program, our meetings during the past year have been better attended than ever due to high community interest in the topics presented. 


These include:

  •   Meeting with city and FEMA officials regarding post Sandy rebuilding questions.
  •   Expert presentations on the “Fiscal Cliff” and “Challenges for our
      Local Healthcare Industry”
  •   Discussion on the city’s “Master Plan” and zoning revisions.
  •   Presentations by Cape May County & Ocean City officials on road, bridge, and
      drainage improvements.
  •   An address by Mayor Gillian, and an introduction of our newly elected City Councilmen
  •   Presentations on environmental planning concepts, such as “Green Streets”


            In order to continue our mission we need your support.  Please renew your annual membership dues securely online or by sending in $10 dollars if you have not already done so.  Attend our meetings, usually held at 9:30 a.m. monthly in the Ocean City Library auditorium.  Volunteer to serve on one of our committees. 

Help us to continue watching out for you.

          Curt Gronert



OCCA Meeting (Jan 26, 2013)

OCCA hosted almost 200 people for a welcomed Q&A session as a result of Superstorm Sandy, with a panel consisting of City Officials, FEMA Representatives, Insurance and Real Estate industry experts on Saturday, Jan 26, at the Ocean City Free Public Library. 



Check back often for posting of upcoming event information.


Past events

19 Sep 2015 OCCA Membership Meeting

27 Jun 2015 OCCA 2015 Annual Meeting

25 Apr 2015 Annual Beach Sweep and Dune Grass Planting

21 Feb 2015 OCCA Meeting - Open to All !

19 Jan 2015 2015 Day of Service

20 Sep 2014 September Mtg Announced w Guest Speaker

21 Jun 2014 OCCA Annual Meeting Announced

15 Feb 2014 O.C. Regional Chamber to address the OCCA

20 Jan 2014 Citywide Clean-up: Martin Luther King Day

30 Nov 2013 OC Community Association Meeting

09 Nov 2013 Corson's Inlet State Park Clean Up

26 Oct 2013 OC Community Association Meeting

21 Sep 2013 OC Community Association Meeting

17 Aug 2013 OC Community Association Meeting

29 Jun 2013 OC Community Association Meeting

11 May 2013 OCCA Board Workshop

27 Apr 2013 OCCA Meeting: Members and Public Welcome

27 Apr 2013 OC Wide Beach Clean Up

27 Mar 2013 New OCCA Website now online.

23 Mar 2013 Next OCCA Board Meeting

01 Mar 2013 New OCCA website. Beta Launch